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**New Flash** Our first foal has arrived & it's a filly!!!

Courellis Picturesque aka 'Penny' arrived at 1.25am on Tuesday 24th March.  Things were complicated from the outset & it all went down hill from there.  I got there just as Princesses waters broke & I stood back to let the mare do her job.  Princess was struggling to deliver the foal and I could see she was in pain & becoming exhausted & so, I assisted with the delivery, which luckily did not take too much longer.  The bag did not break so luckily I was there to break it and it was a huge relief to have a live foal.  Things took a turn for the worst when Princess was struggling to stand up for more than 1 minute.  She was struggling to cleanse & I could see she was too exhausted & in pain & she was becoming lethargic & stressed as she desperately wanted to tend to her foal so I called the vet.  Meanwhile, the filly who was now on her feet and looking for the milk bar was at risk so I began expressing the mare & tried desperately to get the foal to take the colostrum but it was alien to her & it took time, patience & perseverance but I managed to get 250 ml in to her before the vet came.  It felt like it took forever until he came but at 6am, the pankillers & antibiotics had done their job & Princess & Penny were both sturdy on their feet, feeding & bonding.  

Having only owned Princess & her Sister Snowdrop since October 2019, we did not know that she was in foal until I became suspicious a few months later.  What a wonderful surprise.

13/01/2020 - Happy New Year 

The last two of the five mares covered in 2019 were scanned on December 27th and it was great news; we have one Standard foal and four Miniature foals due this year.

We are looking forward to seeing the arrival of foals from the following mares;

Threapwood Elsa

Halstock Tip Top

Kerryoak Daisy

Oldaport Gladys

Coedgleision Kitty

Keep an eye out as we only have 8 weeks before the first arrival


10/12/2018 Bitter / Sweet November

November has been a very bitter / sweet month.  After losing one of my favourite mares Somahouse Eureka in such unexpected and tragic circumstances on the 5th November, I was close to throwing the towel in.  The pain and hurt that over took me was hard to shake off (it still is) and naturally, you want to wrap your ponies and your heart in cotton wool but inevitably as animal owners, we cannot escape the fact that at some point we will experience heart break.  They make us but boy do they break us.  So what stopped me giving up?  Partly being persuaded otherwise by my good friends and partly because of the stampede of ponies that race towards me each morning and evening and offer their eternal and selfless love and affection to you. 


We all have that ‘special one’, the quirky one, the charismatic one, the shy one, the one we have fought for, the loving one, the rebel, the feisty one, the trouble causer, the ‘first time’ experiences.  Whatever your reason, you cannot ignore the fact that some bonds are stronger than others.  Eureka was one of mine and is sorely missed.


My entries for the British National Foal of the Year Show were submitted for the 25th November but my enthusiasm was lacking.  By the by, after hours of delay, I finally found the initiative to bath the foals.  Youngstock are the breeds past and the breeds future and ‘the show must go on’ to promote the breed that we all love and have in common, not to mention the start of the foals education as the show is friendly and quiet with the added perk of being indoors for the owners.  The dreaded alarm went off at 5.30am and admittedly, I was still lacking some enthusiasm but I had spent time working with the foals and I was happy with the way that they were behaving so it would have been a waste not to go and I am so glad that we carried on soldiering forward. 


My homebred filly Courellis Dorothea won her Standard Filly class and my Standard Colt Vindon Utah won his class.  I could not have been happier.  It was overwhelming and completely unexpected to have my two Standard foals head to head in the Championship (massive thank you to Leanne Beacham who helped) up against two beautiful, strong Miniature foals, Pinglewood Meghan who won the Miniature Filly class and Castlethorpe Jack Junior who won the Miniature Colt class.  Vindon Utah was placed Champion and Castlethorpe Jack was placed Reserve Champion.  The results were unpredicted and had I have not shone a little bit of a spark back inside me that I had lost and just puts everything in to perspective.  No matter how fed up you feel, these precious ponies just lift your spirits, unbeknown to them.  Shetties can break our hearts but can also heal them and this is the reason we do what we do.  Well done to everyone involved.

utah rosettes
Fabulous new home for Daiquiri

Daiquiri went to his new home last Sunday where he has settled in, in no time at all.  Daiquiri sauntered casually off the trailer, had a look around, stuck his head down and started to graze.  This boy is so laid back!

Daiquiri and new best friend Henry are currently joined at the shoulders and despite the thousands of blades of grass, they are insistent on sharing the same blades together.

I am so pleased with the special home this special foal has been offered. 

Here are photos of Daiquiri 'chilling' with best friend Henry and side kick Toby

D New home.JPG
D New home 2.JPG

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