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Foals 2020

Courellis Picturesque - Sold

Dam: Wenlockedge Snow Princess

Sire: Wenlockedge Murphy

Miniature Filly born 24/03/2020

After a snowball of problems starting when Penny was being delivered, I am proud to say that this striking, upright filly is a full bill of health & complete trouble.  This filly & her Mum certainly kept me on my toes on the very cold morning of 24th March & had my heart racing but thank goodness we all pulled together & got each other through.

Penny needed a pretty name to suit her pretty head & Picturesque just seemed perfect for her.  She loves to show off & is very vocal & energetic. 

One for the show ring, I am sure. 

Courellis Delilah - Sold

Dam: Kerryoak Daisy

Sire: Parlington Ulrik

Miniature Filly born 22/04/2020

Delilah was born on her Dam's Birthday & is a very stunning, petite filly.  Unfortunately, we had a multitude of diffiuculties during & after her birth. Daisy was incredibly overwhelmed & being a maiden mare, she did not accept her foal, therefore Delilah was bottle fed (now on replacement milk & limited suckles on Mum).  On top of this, Delilah was born with a soft pallet, contracted a severe chest infection & had to have a plasma transfusion.  She also contracted a water infection & was a severely poorly foal who despite all odds & concerns has proved a true fighter & is growing stronger with every day that passes.

Delilah is the sweetest, most innocent filly & has looks to die for.  She has been very special from the second she was born & I have a very good feeling about this little one.

Delilah would not be here today without the dedicated staff at Twemlows Stud,  Rose Cottage Vets & my Shetland friends who were taking calls from me at 3.30am & have been non stop guidance & support, as have other wonderful friends.  I will forever be grateful in helping to save the life of Delilah.

Courellis Thea - Retained

Dam: Halstock Tiptop

Sire: Benstonholm Oasis

Miniature Filly born 22/04/2020

Thea was born 1 hour after Delilah & the admiration I had for her & her Dam Tiptop after an incredible, text book foaling will always stay with me.  Thea has remarkable bone & is strong & robust with the prettiest head & bold, coragious temperament.  She is a real true to type Shetland with incredable breeding & has a successful future waiting for her.

Courellis Captain Tom - Sold

Dam: Oldaport Gladys

Sire: Parlington Ulrik

Miniature 11/05/2020

After watching over Glady's through the night, she decided to keep me hanging on until lunch time the following day.  I was 'quickly nipping out' and had one last look through the field gate as I drove past and in half a second seen Gladys go down.  By the time I ran up the field I could see she was doing a great job and that everything was how it should be...text book, so I stood back and let her finish foaling without any interference.

Gladys is the most wonderful broodmare and always produces very smart, show stopping foals and this boy is no exception.  He has been sold to a wonderful showing home where I am updated on his progress regularly.

Courellis Elsie - Retained

Dam: Threapwood Elsa

Sire: Wells Masterclass

Standard 10/06/2020

Our one & only Standard foal & we are so lucky to have had the filly fairy visit on the morning she was born  Elsie was born 8 days after Elsa bagged & waxed up & was nearly 3 weeks overdue.  She is a very quirky foal who has her own independant mind.  This super filly really stands out in the field with her natural show stance & unbelievable presence & class.  She has outstanding breeding, good flat bone & is very powerful, strong & straight as they come.  I am over the moon with Elsie & look forward to showing her in 2021.

Courellis Katie - Retained

Dam: Coedgleision Kitty

Sire:  South Sands Rhubarb

Miniature Cream Dun Filly born 26/06/2020

What a world record last foaling.  Kitty foaled 10 days early but with checking my mares daily, I was fully aware that foaling was commencing earlier than expected. Kitty began to foal at 3.30am & immediately, it was evident that there was a dystocia & the foal was stuck. Despite my best efforts to help deliver the foal, Kitty was too panicked to stay still for long so I called for the emergency vets.  Jen arrived 35 minutes after Kitty began to foal & had to sedate Kitty who was very stressed & causing herself more harm.  At 4.35am, a big, lifeless, stunning cream dun filly was born.  Her broad shoulders were stuck & she had one leg back.  We did not believe the foal would be alive after over one hour of trying to foal her & were desperate to save Kitty if nothing else.  

Unbelievably & by some way of a miracle, Jen felt a little heartbeat.  We looked at each ther in complete disbelief & without delay, she vigorously rubbed the foal whoe took one huge breath & began to move. 

Our little miracle filly is just perfect.  She has incredible bone, the sweetest head & is just perfect with her fantastic pedigree.  Luckily, Kitty had a fair amount of room inside & has suffered no internal trauma, the foal was simply a big foal in the wrong position & needed a little assistance.

Kitty is being the mos sensation maiden mum & adores her new baby. Needless to say, she is being retained. Better photos to come.


Courellis Charisma - Sold

Dam: Cadwgan Ceris

Sire: Foldhouse Dylan

Miniature Filly born 09/05/20

Charisma is a very eye catching, straight, correct filly who absolutely floats.  Her white stockings highlight her free movement.  Charisma loves to show off and pose, constantly drawing attention and will be a great contender in the show ring.  She has good bone, a stunning feminine head and is an absolute sweetheart.

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