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Somahouse Eureka
Somahouse Eureka

Dam: Waulkmill Hesper

Sire: Birchmoor Mulberry

DOB: 02/06/2014

38 inches Standard

Eureka has had great success in the show ring.  She is a very prominant and proud filly who oozes presence.  She has perfect, straight and fluent movement and really catches the eye.  She is a big character and it is hard not to fall in love with her.

Eurekas breeding boasts Birchmoor, Harviestoun, Wells and Transy.  I am very much looking forward to her future foals.

Very tragically & unexpectedly, my sweetheart Eureka lost her life on 5th November 2018.  Myself & her friends miss her sorely every single day.  Sweet dreams my girl, I miss you more than words can say x 

Cumliebank Juliana
Cumliebank Juliana

Dam: Cumliebank Jude

Sire: Super King of Belmont

DOB: 10/07/2012

39 inches Standard

Jules aka 'The Bull' was bought in September 2016 as a 'wild card' from Orkney. She has a very smart head, exceptional power, boasts bone and is as solid as they come. A true Shetland in every sense of the word.

Myself & Jules hit the show ring for the first time in June 2017 where she took 4th place out of 14 in one of the strongest classes of the season at Cheshire County Show.

Jules has lovely traditional Wells breeding as well as Marshwood, Drum & Berry and is a great asset to the Stud

Threapwood Elsa
Pinglewood Sherry Baby
Pinglewood Sherry Baby

Dam: Courmille Special K

Sire: Pinglewood Puzzle

DOB: 20/03/2005

34 inch Mini

I have owned Sherry since 2009 and have never known such a genuine mare.  Sherry was very shy when she first came home but has proved to be an outstanding broad mare, child's pony and has been successfully shown to date.  Sherry is out of  Multi Champion Pinglewood Puzzle and is in foal to Parlington Quentin, therefore with this pairing, I am looking forward to our new arrival.

Sherry is beautifully bred having a good, strong pedigree behind her such as Kerswell, Ulverscroft and Barflat.  She is out of the well known Multi-Show Champion  Pinglewood Puzzle and has followed in her footsteps, having done so well the handful of times that she has been shown.

Selaw Smoothie

Dam: Schivas Mootie

Sire: Santo Tomos Bach

DOB: 01/05/2013

34 inch Mini

Smoothie is a very laid back mare who has proved to be a wonderful, easy going Dam to her colt foal Storm.  Smoothie likes a 'no fuss' life and enjoys simplicity.  Although a sweet mare, she does prefer her own space, however when extra strong mints are on offer she would do anything for you.

Merrylees Liberty Belle

Dam: Stranduff Jinkie

Sire: South Sands Rhubarb

DOB: 22/05/2018

28 inch Mini

Liberty was purchased when she was barely 2 weeks from the Merrylees Stud and is an absolute poppet.  Liberty has a pretty head and she certainly stands out with her unusual colour.  Liberty is one of the first to greet you and absolutely adores to be fussed.  Her breeding (Firth, South Sands, Stranduff) is as exquisite as this little gem.  

Merrylees Trinity

Dam: Halstock Tiptop

Sire: Southsands Rhubarb

DOB: 13/04/2019

27 inch Mini

Trinity and her Dam Tiptop were acquired when Trinity was barely 2 months old with thanks to my good friends Judy and Mick. Trinity has her Dam's free flowing movement and is somewhat of a character and a 'bossy boots'.  She is a striking, feminine filly who absolutely adores attention like her half sister Liberty.  Trinity is line bred with Firth Honeyclover's breeding being on both sides of her parentage.  She is a complete show off and extremely flashy (and she knows it).

Wenlockedge Snowdrop

Dam: Wenlockedge Snow Berry

Sire: Wenlockedge Murphy

DOB: 12/06/2004

33.5 inch Mini

Snowdrop is Snow Princess' younger & full sister. She has is a beautiful character like her sister & holds herself ever so proudly and up right.  Snowdrop catches your eye every time & is a kind, affectionate mare.

Snowdrop was taken away far too early & now lives over rainbow bridge.  Me & her Sister Princess miss her dearly x

Threapwood Elsa 

Dam: Threapwood Evona

Sire: Sapphire Venture

Elsa is an old fashioned stamp of a mare whos type are very hard to find.  She has the sweetest, kindest nature.  She has produced 2 outstanding fillies who have been retained & as I do not like to over breed my mares, Elsa has now found the most wonderful home as a best friend to Olive where she gives her endless cuddles & is doing the job she was destined for making a foot perfect lead rein pony.  Elsa is loved dearly & my heart melts with every update

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