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Foals 2024

We have been blessed with Purdy & Electra, two outstanding Standard filly foals & await the arrival of more Standard & Miniature foals.  Most will be for reservation to the best of homes, please feel free to enquire
Courellis Purdy

Dam: Wells Passion

Sire: Threapwood Vulcan

Standard Filly 24/04/2024

What a wonderful surprise.....Passion was not fully, well in fact, only half bagged up so it come as a complete surprise when I spotted a part dry foal peeking around the tree on the morning of the 24th.  Passion is such a brilliant Mum & her stunning filly was on her feet & suckling away.  Phew!!! 


Purdy has a tremendous amount of bone & is hugely confident & sweet. We love her!!

Courellis Electra

Dam: Wells Eclipse

Sire: Threapwood Vulcan

Standard Filly 24/05/2024

Eclipse's first foal & another fabulous filly!! Eclipse needed some help to pass the filly's head & shoulders but after a battle, we got there! Huge relief.  The wait was well worth it & Electra who is jet black has not disappointed.  She is a strong, upright filly with a beautiful head.  Electra is a little shy at the moment but Eclipse has really mellowed & is in awe of her stunning baby.  We are extremely proud.

Courellis Romeo - Sold

Dam: Hermits Godiva

Sire: Bowstridge Romeo

Skewbald Miniature Colt 17/05/2023

After watching Diva for 5 nights, she finally gave up the gosh at 4.30am on 17th May.  I was completely shocked to see a Skewbald foal after Diva and Romeo's previous foals had all been dilute.  Bowstridge Romeo is palomino, Diva palomino and white so both parents must also have one copy of the red gene to have created this stunning little chap.

Romeo s absolutely beautifully marked and just loves to show himself off with his tail and head up in the air.  He is very proud and Diva is the most wonderful and protective mother keeping this beautiful by safe.

Courellis Baloo - Sold

Dam: Merrylees Uptown Girl

Sire: South Sands Rhubarb

Blue Dun Miniature Colt 11/06/2023

You certainly have to watch Uptown Girl when she is closer to foaling, this stunning blue dun colt was 2 weeks early and Uptown Girl was not fully bagged up but I could see her behaviour had altered so put her under the camera and along came this little cracker.

He is already super confident and friendly and a real smart boy.  I am very pleased.

Baloo has secured a fabulous home with a very kind Mother and Daughter with an abundance of experience who will be breaking Baloo in as a driving pony when he is old enough.

Courellis  Oakley - Sold

Dam: Wenlockedge Snow Princess

Sire: South Sands Rhubarb

Mushroom Dun Miniature Colt 14/06/2023

A hat trick for Princess and Rhubarb - another exquisite Mushroom Dun Colt.  Princess foaled in the field within minutes of me pulling up at the yard at 7pm.  An easy foaling where Oakley was on his feet in no time.  He is such a pleasure in every way and always straight over to anyone in the field who is willing to give him attention.  He adores fuss and company and you cannot ignore those soppy eyes and prettiest of faces. Oakley has a bright future like his two older brothers, Olaf who has been retained and Todd who is now living with the wonderful Winterburna Stud to later be licensed as their future stallion.  

Courellis The Gov'nor - Available

Dam: Menula of Mawbray

Sire: Eynhallow Black Jack

Black Standard Colt 29/06/2023

Our one and only Standard foal this year and is certainly not a disappointment.  This bold colt was foaled at tea time in the field, just feet away from where Oakley was born and was up on his feet in no time in search of his first feast.


Very protective over her baby, Menula would not let me near her precious boy for some time but 'The Gov'nor' did not let this stop him and really wanted to find out who this two legged person was.  He has a strong pedigree and is super friendly and consistently shows himself off.  He will be available at weaning in December to a wonderful home and is sure to be successful in any aspect and will be up to height.

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