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Miniature Mares

Gathanparc Apirka

Dam: Braywood Vanilla

Sire: Helawi Firecracker

DOB: 05/03/2006

33 inch Mini

Ice is a very striking mare with the most laid back and sweetest nature imaginable.  She is the first to be spotted in the field with her eye catching colouring and most wonderful temperament.

Ice has a very pretty head, the kindest of eyes, good bone and excellent movement. She is totally in proportion and I think she knows how beautiful she is as she is such a proud mare. 

Ice is out of Braywood Vanilla and Helawi Firecracker.  Her breeding is super; Seva, Sedgehill, Tyros and Birling to name but a few.

Oldaport Gladys

Dam: Oldaport Zara

Sire: Stranduff Diamen

DOB: 20/05/2006

33 inch Mini

I do have a big soft spot for Gladys.  She will try her best not to be caught but once caught, is putty in your hands.  She will do anything for food and is the most wonderful, maternal mother to her foals.  She has a heart of gold, 

Gladys has produced outstanding, show quality progeny and passes her tremendous bone and free flowing movement to them.  She is currently running with South Sands Rhubarb for a 2024 foal.

Coedgleision Kitty

Dam: Tawela Queen of Hearts

Sire: Alright of Berry

DOB: 19/05/2013

32.5 inch Mini

Kitty is a tank of a Miniature with tremendous bone and an exquisite small, broad head. This pony really moves as though she is floating on air and has so much presence as well as the sweetest nature.  She has good, strong lines and in my opinion, is as close to perfect as you can get.

Kitty has strong Berry breeding running back to Toyhorse, Seva, Houlland, Hippominimus and Birling.  She has produced two beautiful fillies and is in foal for 2023.

Kerryoak Daisy

Dam: Hazelhead Orchid

Sire: Tawna Sage

DOB: 22/04/2015

32.5 inch Mini

Daisy is a stunning Chestnut mare with flaxen mane and tail.  She has very old lines and is superbly bred going back to the old Stud Books.  She has Fairy, Birling, Firth, Berry and Marshwood to name a few.

Daisy has proven successful in the show ring to date and is in foal to South Sands Rhubarb for a 2023 foal.

Halstock Tiptop

Dam: Halstock Tilitha

Sire: Kerswell Muscat

DOB: 30/04/2012

33.5 inch Mini

Tiptop is superbly bred (Kerswell, Firth, New Park, Birling) and moves like a dream.  She is a very well put together mare with good bone and an outstanding temperament.  Tiptop has so far produced 4 fillies 'on the trot'.  She is having a rest for this year but will be covered by Tawna Dundee for a 2024 foal.

Wenlockedge Snow Princess

Dam: Wenlockedge Snow Berry

Sire: Wenlockedge Murphy

DOB: 08/05/2002

33 inch Mini

Princess has just given us our first foal of 2020.  She is a wonderful mother to her filly foal Penny who was a welcomed surprise born on 23rd March.  Princess has been successfully shown with her breeder and previous owner, the late Mrs Jenny Preece (don't they look a picture) and is a delight & a pleasure to own.  She is a kind mare with the prettiest head.  Princess has produced 2 stunning mushroom colts who will both be ran on as future stallions for myself and another wonderful stud home. 

She is in foal to South Sands Rhubarb for a 2023 foal.

Many thanks to Jen's daughter Caroline for allowing me to display this lovely picture of Jen & Princess.

Southsands Rhubarb

Dam: Toyhorse Dahlia

Sire: Firth Honeyclover

DOB: 18/05/1999

33 inch Mini

Rhubarb is our resident stallion who produces top quality foals with good, old lines.  Rhubarb is an absolute gent of a boy who passes his temperament and tremendous bone down to his stock.  Enormous thank you to Merrylees Stud.

Merrylees Prada

Dam: Merrylees Ring Master

Sire: Merrylees Rambling Rose

DOB: 27/04/2009

32.5 inch Mini

Prada is a stunning mare with bone, feather & the most sweetest temperament.  She is beautifully bred with South Sands & Toyhorse breeding. Currently running with South Sands Rhubarb.

Hermits Godiva

Dam: Barflat Linza

Sire: Rio of Berry

DOB: 02/06/2015

32 inch Mini

Diva is a striking palomino and white Miniature who is so striking to look at.  Diva is a beautiful, straight moving mare who's foals have done well in the show ring.  She is in foal to Bowsridge Romeo for a 2023 foal

Merrylees Uptown Girl

Dam: Merrylees Ring Master

Sire: Talwrnisaf Abigail

DOB: 29/04/2013

31 inch Mini

Uptown Girl is half sister to our beautiful Prada & is beautifully bred with South Sands & Toyhorse breeding.  Uptown Girl was purchased with foal at foot who can be seen on our foals page. 

In foal to South Sands Rhubarb and is not far off this space

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