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Foals 2022

Courellis Katniss - Sold

Dam: Coedgleision Kitty

Sire: South Sands Rhubarb

Black Dun Miniature Filly 28/03/2022

Kitty was the first mare to foal this year & what looked to be a straight forward foaling, soon turned into a big fight for her foals life.  As expected, Katniss was struggling to get up on to her feet & looked completely normal.  After nearly 2 hours, it was clear that something was wrong.  Katniss was a dummy foal, something I have never experienced before.  She was struggling to stand and just wanted to lay down and sleep.  Showing little interest in the milk bar and with a very weak suck reflex and weak in general it was very difficult to get colostrum into her. 

I persevered all night and with the window closing to get colostrum into her system, I made a call to Twemlow's Stud. Despite being inundated themselves, one of the Stud Manager's agreed to take Kitty and foal in.  Katniss had an infection, had a concerningly low AAEP and we knew it was going to be a fight.  The staff worked all day and night and dedicated an unbelievable amount of time to Kitty and Katniss.  Kitty herself was just her amazing self and stood allowing everyone to handle and express her, trying to get foal on.  She was careful and tentative and spurring her foal on throughout the whole time. 

After 5 days, finally some progress was made and Katniss came home for me to continue feeding her and to continue to inject her poor tiny rump with the remaining antibiotics.  Although still not latched on, she was trying hard to drink and her suck reflex was stronger and despite being very unstable on her feet, she was trying her best to bronch around and stay up for longer periods of time.  It took 5 days of encouraging Katniss to suck from Mum's udder and bottle feeding every 2 hours day and night before tears of joy, relief and tiredness set in when Katniss finally sucked by her big self for the first time.  It was 22.10pm and I could barely keep my swollen eyes open myself (luckily I had a very good friend who was able to offer me some support on one of the days) but Katniss just got it, like a light bulb moment.  From there, she got it more and more as the hours passed she went from strength to strength.  We had a little set back after a few days but we won again. 

Katniss will never be 100% but she remains with me until I will tentatively consider finding her a home as a companion.

She is the kindest, sweetest filly who you could cuddle up to all day long. I love you Kitty and Katniss, my two troopers.

Courellis Phoenix - Retained

Dam: Wells Passion

Sire: Westpark Royal Star

Standard Filly Foal born 06/04/2022

Of all the nights to choose to make her appearance, Phoenix chose the worst storm of the year.  At 9.25pm, I was just finishing unloading a hay delivery.  I closed the tack room up and looked up to see the herd gathered around in a circle.  It could only mean one thing......someone was foaling.  With barely any bag, it was Passion. 

The wind was coming sideways and I could barely see a thing.  Soaking wet and leaving Passion to it for a short while, she began to struggle.  The foal was a tank of a foal and her shoulder's would not pass.  With no light, horrendous weather and being on my own, I had to think quick.  I found my bottle of lubricant and started to help.  Nope, nothing, the foal was not coming and would not budge an inch.  I began to really get concerned after what felt like a life time but with perseverance and plenty of assistance, I finally got the shoulders to pass.  I was frozen to the bone and after having no sleep looking after Katniss and with a sunken heart when Passion was struggling and having recently lost my good friend Harry who wished a healthy filly out of Passion, the relief of a very healthy strong filly foal just brought on a sea of tears and they flowed all night.  

Courellis Molly May Day - Sold

Dam: Hermits Godiva

Sire: Bowseridge Romeo

Palomino Miniature Filly 02/05/2022

Molly May Day is the most beautiful filly who certainly knows how to show herself off.  She has the sweetest temperament and the prettiest head. Definitely one for the show ring, where her full siblings have proved successful to date. 

Molly has been sold to a wonderful home with her playmate Utopia.

Courellis Legacy - Retained 

Dam: Whitefield Pryde

Sire: Wells Masterclass

Standard Colt Foal born 04/05/2022

Legacy is the absolute replica of his beautiful Dam Pryde.  Unfortunately, when he was just 8 weeks old, Pryde began to lose weight rapidly after giving her all to her baby and despite feeding Mum and foal on the best feed and lush grazing, it still took it's toll on the pair.  Legacy was weaned much earlier than what I wanted at just 4 months old to help Pryde and he was unable to get the milk that he needed from Pryde alone. Subsequently, Legacy, although a stunning and healthy colt is a small boy who has a huge heart.

Courellis Goliath - For Sale

Dam: Kerloch Victoria

Sire: Threapwood Vulcan

Standard Colt Foal born 06/05/2022

Gilly boasts the most exquisite pedigree (Wells, Threapwood, Hose & Drum), a pedigree hard to come across.  Gilly is evenly marked and such a show off.  He has tremendous bone, substance and the sweetest nature and will certainly be successful in anything he turns his hooves to. He has a great future ahead of him

Courellis Tigerlily - Sold

Dam: Halstock Tiptop

Sire: Tawna Dundee

Blue Dun Miniature Filly 18/05/2022

Tiptop as always has come up trumps and delivered an absolutely stunning blue dun filly by Tawna Dundee.  A straight forward foaling (always a relief) and this cracker shone from the outset.  Tigerlily has plenty of sass and just like her older sister Thea (retained) she has unbelievable confidence and is into everything.  Tigerlily has been sold to a lovely home where she will be shown and eventually a Mum herself.

Courellis Fox Hunter - Sold

Dam: Wenlockedge Princess

Sire: South Sands Rhubarb

Mushroom Dun Miniature Colt 21/05/2022

After 3 very tiring weeks of Snow Princess looking very close to foaling and being 3 weeks overdue (it had to be a colt) it was staggering to see that Princess and Rhubarb had produced another stunning Mushroom Dun colt (full brother to Olaf - retained).  Todd was up trying to gallop around the stable within hours of being born.  He is the most placid colt with the kindest nature and a beautiful pedigree.

Fox Hunter aka Todd has been sold to the best of homes where he will carry out stud duties when he is old enough passing his fabulous pedigree and temperament to his off spring.

Courellis Utopia - Sold

Dam: Merrylees Uptown Girl

Sire: Brandeston Limerick

Black Miniature Filly 24/05/2022

Uptown Girl foaled at a very appreciated time and her stunning filly foal was up and at the milk bar in no time at all.  Utopia was a shy foal at first who loved to hide behind her Mum who was very protective and proud over her pretty filly.  Utopia loves playing with her many play friends and holding her tail high when she struts her beautiful movement.

Utopia has gone to a fabulous home with her friend Molly where they are both loved to pieces.

Courellis Galena - Sold

Dam: Oldaport Gladys

Sire: Tawna Dundee

Black Miniature Filly 08/06/2022

Oh Glady's, you always try and catch me out and on this occasion, you won!!  No signs whatsoever and with Glady's being away visiting her stallion, I was unsure of her due date so was relying on any signs to indicate when she was ready to foal and with no imminent signs Glady's was not put under the camera.  On the morning of 8th June, Porkie (my dog) ran ahead when we arrived at the yard and straight away sniffed out the amniotic sac.  The second I seen him with it, I ran to find where the foal was and there she was, the most stunning jet black foal, upright, plenty of bone and sucking without any problems. 

Gladys, you are a tinker but I love what an amazing Mum you always are!

I never intended to retain any Miniature foals this year but Galena stole my heart and it seems almost impossible to find a good quality black Miniature with the pedigree and confirmation to back a great colour up. 

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