For Sale

From mid February, once we begin to move forward following the recent lockdown, we are offering some of our beautiful ponies for sale.   

To avoid any disappointment, please note our ponies are all very well handled and bred for quality and temperament.  We put a lot of time, and care in to our ponies who want for nothing and therefore if you are looking for a 'cheap' pony, you will not find one here.  The quality and temperaments of our ponies are reflected in their price.  Our ponies are very well loved and will only be sold to lifelong, experienced homes with other equine's as companion's.

All genuine enquiries welcome.

Courellis Charisma 
Miniature Filly born 09/05/2020

Dam: Cadwgan Ceris

Sire: Foldhouse Dylan

Charisma is a stunning Miniature filly  who is straight and correct with the most wonderful, eye catching movement.  She is very well handled and would make a super, super show pony. She is very feminine and a beautiful character with a wonderful nature.

Threapwood Elsa
39 inch Standard Mare born 08/05/2006
Threapwood Elsa

Dam: Threapwood Evona

Sire: Sapphire Venture

Elsa is an old fashioned stamp of a mare whos type are very hard to find.  She has the sweetest, kindest nature and is for sale due to retaining her two filly foals.  I would now like to find Elsa a loving, family home as I strongly believe that she would make the most perfect best friend for a child.  Although Elsa has not been broken in, she very happily has walked children on her back and has looked after her small jockeys as if they were her own.  I do not think breaking her in will be any bother to Elsa at all as she is laidback and wants to please and simply be loved.

Her breeding and confirmation speak for themselves.

Courellis Picturesque
Miniature Filly born 24/03/2020

Dam: Wenlockedge Snow Princess

Sire: Wenlockedge Murphy

Penny is a very special Miniature Shetland filly who is an absolute diamond.  From birth, she has been independent, kind, sweet and absolutely adores creatures with two legs :)

Penny is straight and correct in all ways and I would love to find her a very special home for life where she will be loved unconditionally.