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Foals 2021

Courellis Olaf - Retained

Dam: Wenlockedge Snow Princess

Sire: South Sands Rhubarb

Miniature Colt born 10/05/2021

Olaf was born at a very appreciated time of 9.56pm.  I fell in love with him the moment I tore the bag open & seen his beautiful face (& colour).  Olaf was up on his feet in no time at all & not even 1 hour after being born, he began cantering (well attempting to) around his Mum.  He is very spirited & there is something very special about this colt.  He certainly is unique & I feel one to keep an eye on.

**Olaf has recently been tested & confirmed to be mushroom, carrying 2 copies of the mushroom gene, making him guaranteed to pass the mushroom gene down to all future off spring.  In addition to this, he is carrying one copy of the dun gene & negative for grey.  What an exciting future this English bred mushroom colt has**

Courellis Marco - Sold

Dam: Kerryoak Daisy

Sire: South Sands Rhubarb

Miniature Colt born 11/10/2021

Marco was an unusually late foal but with Daisy sadly rejecting her foal the previous year, after careful consideration I decided to give Daisy a second chance.  Time was of the essence and the longer Daisy went without a foal, the more I worried that she was going to forget her duties after finally accepting Delilah in 2020.  A late foal was better than no foal as they say and & this certainly was the case.

Daisy instantly took to & loved her foal & proved a great mother to her boy.  Marco was named after a very special friend & as this was a very special moment, the name came naturally as did mother nature.  Marco has been sold to a private home as a companion to a senior Shetland Pony called Goblin where he is loved to pieces.

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