Threapwood Miranda

Dam: Lakehead Megastar

Sire: Threapwood Vulcan

DOB: 18/06/2016
40 inches Standard

Miranda was purchased as a foal and is one heck of a mare who has done exceptionally well in the show ring.  Sporting the most beautiful, straight, fluent movement and conformation, she really can move for a mare with a tremendous amount of bone and substance.  Miranda is extremely confident and has outstanding presence and just adores attention.

Like all Threapwood Ponies, she has beautiful old fashioned breeding  and is a huge asset to the Stud.   She has been running with Westpark Royal Star in hope she is in foal for 2021. 

Photo taken as a 2 year old at the Royal Lancashire Show

Kerloch Victoria

Dam: Whitefield Velvet 

Sire: Drum Rainbow

DOB: 28/04/2006

38.50 inches Standard

Victoria is a recent & unexpected purchase who I have been extremely lucky to have obtained.  Her breeding is absolutely phenomenal & I am currently in disbelief that she is in my field.  It is early days yet & we are still working each other out but Victoria is proving to be very kind & sweet.  She is shy & uncertain but a I have bonded with her very well.  Her movement is absolutely stunning as is she.

Wells Eclipse

Dam: Kerloch Evita

Sire: Wells Reliance  

DOB: 06/06/2017
39 inches Standard

Eclipse is a sweet, kind and genuine filly who is a big softy.  She is the daughter of my favourite Wells Stallion and is most definitely her Sire's Daughter.  Eclipse has superb bone and she really covers the ground when she moves.  She has superb breeding and I am very much looking forward to our future together.

Eclipse has done very well in the show ring and will be taking some time of next year if she is in foal.  She has been running with Westpark Royal Star in 2020.

Courellis Dorothea 

Dam: Threapwood Elsa

Sire: Threapwood Vulcan

DOB: 29/04/2018
39.50 inches Standard

Dot was named after a very special friend of mine and was born at 12.21am on 29th April. Elsa was one week over due so foal was big and itching for freedom. 

Dot is now a very strong, 2 year old who is full of attitude. As a yearling, she was all leg but wow, has she grown in to them.  Standing at just over 39.5 inches (and bum high) , Dot full bodied and is everything a Shetland pony should be.  She is sensational.

Cadwgan Ceris

DOB: 20/05/2010

37 inches Standard

Misty was purchased for my Nephew who is horse mad and adores his 'best friend' Misty (Ray also has a second best friend Penny, both of whom he absolutely adores).  Misty is a saint of a pony and adores little people leading, grooming and cuddling her.  She instantly takes to children and is very maternal with both humans and ponies.

Misty has a list of qualifications as a child's pony where she has excelled herself in her previous home and I am looking forward to see how she goes under saddle with Ray. 

Misty foaled in May and produced a flashy filly 'Charisma'.  Both Mist and Charisma move freely and fluently, where you cannot help but stand and watch that beautiful movement.

Courellis Elsie 

Dam: Threapwood Elsa

Sire: Wells Masterclass

DOB: 20/06/2020

Elsie is half sister to Dot and is going to be every bit as strong and robust as her big Sister.  She is a wonderful stamp and boasts presence and bone.  She is a quirky filly and has her own opinion but admittedly, we all know we love a naughty pony.  I am keeping everything crossed that we are able to gain some experience in the show ring this year to begin her education.

Mr Heccups (Hector)
Mr Hiccups (Hector)

DOB: 01/05/2007

14.1 Cob

Although not a Shetland, Hector is a huge part of my equine family and is never left out.  Hector was bought from the horse sales in May 2007 as a 'weedy' rising 3 year old and has developed in to a very handsome, strong young man.

Hector is small in height but huge in personality and has unbelievable strength, power and attitude. We have had so many fun years together and he loves his work and being put to the test. 

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